Professor of Linguistics, Yale University

My interest in linguistics arises from the fact that it studies a component of human nature with methods that approach scientific rigor. I feel privileged to study an aspect of the human mind that is still largely mysterious, the knowledge of language, and enjoy the challenge of trying to model it using a theoretical framework that is still developing, the generative framework.



Recent Publications

Kayne, R., T. Leu and R. Zanuttini (eds.) (to appear) An Annotated Syntax Reader: Lasting Insights and Questions. Blackwell.
Zanuttini, R, M. Pak and P. Portner. (2012) "A Syntactic Analysis of Interpretive Restrictions on Imperative, Promissive, and Exhortative Subjects." Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, 30:4, pp. 1231-1274.
Bernstein, J. B. and R. Zanuttini. (2012) "A diachronic shift in the expression of person." In C. Galves, S. Cyrino, R. Lopes, F. Sandalo and J. Avelar (eds.) Parameter Theory and Linguistic Change, Oxford University Press, pp. 157-175.